These amazing freedive spearfishing DVDs will hold you captive from start to finish. Experience the adventures as some of the worlds best spearfisherman engage in the pursuit of landing trophy fish. Travel from the warm waters of Florida to Cape Hatteras North Carolina, the Louisiana oil rigs, Central America, the Hawaiian islands as well as the Bahamian islands, and Bermuda.

Oceans In Action Video See the nonstop action of Bluewater hunting as well as wreck and reef all while freediving only. These divers will narrate their quests and share some of the secrets and techniques that helped to land these trophy fish.

GR Tarr (Redtide) and his lightning fast techniques will surface a World Record Mangrove Snapper.
Sheri Daye will take you on her exotic adventure to Costa Rica as she claims the Women's World Record Tuna title.
Chris Gardinal is filmed catching his spectacular 250lb 21st Century Record Yellowfin Tuna.

Oceans In Action Video II

Oceans In Action II will captivate you throughout it's narrated action packed footage. You will also hear from these amazing divers first hand as they share their adrenaline filled stories. This video is truly one you will add to your collection as a favorite.